The actors’ singing takes your breath away
– expansive, sung with open hearts and full throats,
they perform a polyphonic miracle.


Performances of Song of the Goat Theatre
The Grand Inquisitor
„Wielki Inkwizytor” to spektakl eksplorujący nowy wątek w Teatrze Pieśń Kozła, jakim jest opera mówiona, zakorzeniona w muzycznych korzeniach teatru.

The Grand Inquisitor

Hamlet - A Commentary
17/03/2018 – 9.00 p.m. 18/03/2018 – 7.30 p.m Song of the Goat Theatre, ul. Purkyniego 1, Wrocław
Performance based on Shakespeare's drama

Intense interpretation, a vibrant reflection, a full expression of what was merely mentioned and not said explicitly by the author.

In our interpretation of William Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST is happening in the imagination of a demented old man Prospero, who chained to her prison spins dreams and dreams. Man betrayed and cheated lives only dreams, which he creates.
The title ISLAND is a lonely man with his desires, obsessions, longings.

ISLAND is each and every one of us.

Songs of Lear
The director, Grzegorz Bral, conducts his company like a classical orchestra. They outperform; reinventing conventional forms of character and plot, and theatre altogether. Though fresh, it is fearlessly archaic in its grandeur. The performance is ceremonial, consecrated and sanctified, rich in the essence of the play.
Songs of Lear seems to have already passed into legend. The Guardian

Songs of Lear is a constantly evolving creative research project in which audience may witness a very intimate artistic process.

An inspiration for Crazy God is William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
Crazy God

Premiere 1-4 July 2016

Portraits of the Cherry Orchard
It is the story of a lost paradise in which the eponymously squandered Cherry Orchard is symbolic of spoiled values becoming poetical myth. The characters’ memories of a former existence become an unreachable perfection.
Director has created for each character a story which is expressed through individual gesture, movement and dance

story which is expressed through individual gesture, movement and dance

03.03.2018 , 7.30 p.m., All Saints' Church, Warsaw BUY TICKET
Every traditional song has its own DNA, which reflects a living vibration in nature.


There’s method in these madness!
Phenomenal performance - THE SCOTSMAN
Do not show too much in the performance - only provoke imagination
Traditional songs became popular when they lost spirit

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