Song of the Goat Theatre’s ever-evolving training, rehearsal and performance process is treated as laboratories, enabling the Company to research the craft of the actor and director and to evolve new techniques, performance languages and work.


The force of the performance is the chorea that articulates all the feelings, fears, passions, accusations, imploring and lamentations.
Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought
The company’s physicality is dynamic and orchestral

This is a powerful, original take on Shakespearean tragedy

Lacrimosa, although still constantly fluxing and changing, is as beautiful as Chronicles… but deeper, denser, moves more strings and provokes more resonance.
l. Lacrimosa, based on Andrzej Szczypiorski’s book Mass for Arras

The outcome is a poignant ‘Misteria’ on good and evil, which I can compare only with Grotowski’s Apocalypsis cum figuris.

Umiłowanie / Dead Walk Love
It is about the relation between a man and a woman in their march towards a death they have chosen for themselves. After death, their souls will look upon the small lowly room that is their entire home.
Dead Walk Love

Love and death mingle in the bed of divine passion and enter eternity as one.

For one hour Chronicles keeps you in its grip. And then everything becomes dark. Not even the superhuman Gilgamesh was able to win over death.
It fascinates and impresses

Chronicles is a testament to their commitment to research and techniques

There’s method in these madness!
Phenomenal performance - THE SCOTSMAN
Do not show too much in the performance - only provoke imagination
Traditional songs became popular when they lost spirit

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